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bolivian womenbolivian woman"Bolivia...the Hidden Gem, in the heart of South America, is a large country of about 1.1 million square kilometres! Thus, it is about the same size as France and Spain put together or almost as big as South Africa. However, it only has a population of about 8.5 million people and she also has a very low population density. The beautiful flora and fauna still thrives very well in this unspoilt country with beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Climates vary between the Amazonian, Pando in the North East to the much cooler higher lands around La Paz and to the warmer drier regions in the South at Tarija. The diversity in climate, culture, history, folklore and the Inca ruins make it a must see for adventure travellers from around the world. Bolivia has similar weather conditions as some Southern African countries and also lies within the same lines of latitude.

Most average travellers around the world probably would not name Bolivia if asked to name three countries in South America. However,  there are some newsworthy facts that most people would know of; such as Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid being shot in Bolivia, Che Guevara the revolutionary met his capture and demise in Bolivia and the famous 1970's actress, Rachel Welch's parents were Bolivian.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the most populous and advanced city with some 2 million inhabitants. Likewise Santa Cruz Departmento is a main breadbasket to the country. Most people start their travels in either La Paz, the capital or Santa Cruz.


La Paz

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The wonderful Bolivian cuisine and the inexpensive lifestyle also make it a truly memorable country to visit...

 So come and see Bolivia...the "Hidden Gem in the heart of South America."

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